Susan M. Lennox, B.Arch., OAA., LEED AP

Architect / Owner

As a University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture graduate from 1992, Susan has had the privilege of practising architecture for over 25 years. During that time, she has learned that approaching a project with an open mind and no preconceived ideas leads to the most successful designs. She prides herself on being an option provider by drawing upon her years of experience in design and construction.

Susan’s passion from the beginning of her career has always been the planning, design and construction of educational and community facilities. There is a great satisfaction and art in creating public buildings for present and future generations. More specifically, she has a vested interest in repurposing older facilities; giving them renewed life. Our society has become accustomed to disposing of the old to make way for the new instead of finding ways to revitalize our aging buildings. Susan’s greatest professional joys have occurred on opening day of a public building she has developed; seeing the excited faces on the community whose lives are enriched due to a successful collaboration based design.

The Lennox family lineage has had a significant impact on her career choice to practice architecture and has led to a passion and interest in designing public buildings. She is a direct descendant of Edward James Lennox and Charles David Lennox. They were a Toronto based architecture firm practising from 1881 to the 1930s and are accredited with designing some of Toronto’s most significant landmarks. Often referred to as “the Builders of Toronto” due to the over 70 buildings they built during their careers; including the famous Old City Hall and Casa Loma.

When Susan's not working, you will find her in her canoe on one of the many beautiful northern Ontario lakes. Sitting quietly by the water sketching the scenery is her favourite pastime. So if your site is water access only, she will gladly paddle there to discuss your project!  She looks forward to getting to know you and working with you to make your vision a reality.